BRACLI has united the worlds of lingerie and jewelry and the result is unique, attractive, different garments... The time has come to go one step further and, with the DESTINOS line, offer the sensuality of its designs, highlighting the jewel component and claiming the link between luxury and pleasure, ostentation and desire.

Let me tell you an incredible (and… true?) story:

A simple pearl necklace and a matching ring would be the
perfect ornaments for his muse, Leonardo pondered.

He suggested to her that these exquisite jewels would be
the ideal complement for her portrait, encouraging her to wear them as she

Lisa adorned herself with the pearls trying various
arrangements around her neck and on her hand,so that the jewels were the
painting’s focal point.

Later on, while creating sketches, Leonardo noticed
suddenly that the jewels vanished and when he asked her where they were, she
just responded with a “smile”- the most enigmatic smile in history. Because she
was indeed wearing them, she revealed.

Hidden jewels had never held such profound significance.

This story, if true, could shed new light on the world’s
most famous portrait - a tale of two lovers, of their secret bond and of the
complicit smile hinting at intimate secrets only known by them.

Leonardo was never separated from this painting.

BRACLI has imagined a story that could have given rise to that smile so full of mystery. We can imagine this scene of lovers as real or fictional, but what is certain is that you will imagine that you could be the real actor in this story.

DESTINOS was born to give BRACLI a jewel profile. Mona Lisa wore the jewelry she designed on her neck and hands, but also in an intimate way. How did he achieve this?

The models that make up the DESTINOS range have one thing in common: they can be used to create stimulating lingerie garments (the seal of BRACLI) but also jewellery to wear around the neck or on the hand. With DESTINOS you will have jewellery to show off but also to enjoy in intimacy.

Each model is presented as a set consisting of several elements: a piece of lingerie with a detachable string of pearls, a string of pearls, two bows with a pearl button and two pearl rings. They can be combined in many different ways to create lingerie, necklaces and bracelets.

In this video you will be able to see the contents of one of the boxes as well as how to separate the different components of the set.


Below is how to make one of the possible necklace shapes:

Note.- A single ring can be used instead of two, resulting in a different necklace design.

In the following video you can see how to get another different shape of necklace:

Note.- A single ring can be used instead of two, resulting in a different necklace design.


Finally, this video shows how to build the bracelet:

Mona Lisa's jewels