My name is Luis Alvarez. In 1996 I designed and patented a singular garment that has characteristics that make it unique, different from the other known garments. Therefore, it was necessary to give a name to something that, until then, did not exist and thus BRACLI was born to name a "female intimate garment with effects of sexual stimulation".

The design unites two attractive and tempting elements: jewelry and lingerie. Luxury and intimacy, a perfect formula for seduction. But, in addition, a new and magical element is added to the formula: imagination. This is what causes our fantasies, makes us imagine pleasant experiences that are the true stimulating power of this creation: Bracli invites you to imagine!

The game starts in secret, an intimate secret that can be shared, all those involved will participate in the excitement of this experience. Pleasure has its maximum expression when it is transmitted, when it transcends from one person to another.

This creation provides an exciting element that opens the pleasant expectations to all the activities, daily or not, of the woman. Thus, a walk through the streets, a day of shopping, a chat with friends, a trip, driving, climbing stairs, a romantic dinner, your daily work... everything is different if it is done while wearing Bracli in your privacy.

The reason is in the soft but effective massage produced by the rubbing of a pearl necklace that has been placed in the most sensitive parts of the woman. Everything happens in a very subtle and pleasant way where, as in music, the tempos pass from a “tranquillo” to “affettuoso” rhythm to “allegro”. These experiences will only accumulate satisfying memories that will invite new adventures, new stories in a constant prelude to sensations...

The elements that shape Bracli garments have been selected to offer a quality, distinguished and luxurious product, taking maximum care of the details in its presentation. Thus, the pearls are from the island of Majorca, from the world famous factory that achieved an artificial pearl that meets the most demanding standards in terms of finish, realism and resistance to the use of fantasy jewels. The materials are selected from the best factories in the textile sector in France and Italy and we use Calais fabrics that always round off the perfect finish on an intimate garment. The boxes that contain our garments are the presentation of a GIFT that is already evident with the first sight of this packaging: the container announces the content...

Each and every one of the Bracli garments has been designed to attract attention for both, its utility and its seductive and elegant styling, daring and provocative of intentions.


Thus, each of the creations is presented in a careful format so that every detail shows us that we have before us a "gift" an object whose purpose, first and last, is to PLEASE. If there is a good definition for the word “gift”, Bracli fulfills it in all its meanings: it is the gift that they will give you, the one that you will give and the one that you will be given to yourself.

The writers of the series "Sex and the City" saw this potential for an "exclusive gift" in Bracli when they chose it to be the surprise that the millionaire gives Samantha in his private jet with an obvious intention: he would be part of that gift, she would share with her lover that pleasant experience that had already begun when she discovered that pearls are used for something more than to be admired...

Bracli is already the brand that represents, not only the scoop of the pearl thong, it is the name that intimate fashion associates with the original design that unites lingerie and jewelry. Pearls are the distinctive element of this brand, we have discovered the subtlety of their use and we always propose the satisfactory illusion with their designs.