Bracli presents an original proposal to intimate lingerie: sexual stimulation .

The strings of pearls on our thongs, bodysuits and gloves are meant to stimulate. This stimulus will lead to the excitement and subsequent orgasm of the woman who carries it secretly (or not) in a simple and different way.

Depending on the type of string of pearls, different sensations and experiences can be achieved:

Single string of pearls

The stimulation with the single string of pearls is achieved by the contact and rubbing of the pearls with the most sensitive parts of the woman: clitoris, perineum, labia majora and minora. The friction with the pearls is achieved with the movement or pressure of the legs, for example when walking or climbing stairs.

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Double string of pearls

Added to the functions of the single string of pearls is the possibility of performing the sexual act (coitus) by penetrating through the two strings of pearls with the consequent stimulation of the penis. The pearl ring should move until it touches the clitoris, achieving extra friction with each penetration.

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G string of pearls

Added to the functions of the single string of pearls is the possibility of stimulating the female G-spot. To achieve this, the end of the pearl ring-shaped necklace must be inserted into the vagina. If you tie a knot at the end forming a cluster of pearls, the chances of greater G-spot stimulation increase. When the collar is inside the vagina, rubbing the G-spot can be done with the introduction of fingers, a suitable object or the penis for greater excitement during intercourse.

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Glove string of pearls

The small string of pearls that we place in the hand looks like a ring on the outside and is an effective massager on the inside, rubbing against the intimate and excitable areas of the body.

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String of pearls comparison

Bracli combines jewelry, lingerie and stimulation. This is something new and original, different from any other known garment on the market. Perfect for a special occasion and enjoy new and exciting experiences full of subtlety.