BRACLI: perlas y lencería; lujo y sensualidad

BRACLI: pearls and lingerie; luxury and sensuality

Bracli is a high-end lingerie brand that was born in 1996 with the creation of an original product, different from all those known up to that moment: the pearl thong. It is the first female intimate garment with sexual stimulation effects.


Due to its innovative nature, the Bracli pearl thong is conceived as an invention and is registered through an international patent that protects it from possible imitations. On the one hand it is an elegant piece of lingerie and on the other it is a sex toy , recognized as such by The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction of the University of Indiana, in the United States and which is also part of the archives of the Museums of Eroticism in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona.


The key to achieving this stimulation lies in the gentle but effective massage produced by the rubbing of a pearl necklace that has been placed on the most sensitive parts of the woman: everything happens in a very subtle and pleasant way where, as in music , the tempos go from a “tranquillo” to “afettuous” rhythm to “allegro”…. These experiences will only accumulate satisfying memories that will invite new adventures, new stories in a constant prelude to sensations...


In a time when sexuality was taboo, with erotic products only present on the market in dark and clandestine sex shops, the Bracli pearl thong manages to gain a foothold in the most prestigious traditional lingerie stores such as the iconic La Petite. Coquette in New York. Influential and world-renowned firms such as Victoria's Secret marketed the pearl thong throughout the United States through their stores, and models such as Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrossio wore this garment in their catalogs. The Bracli pearl thong then broke the barriers between intimate apparel and erotic toys and managed to unite both worlds in a subtle and elegant way. Thus, a new concept of clothing was born, which no longer only had the functionality of dressing but also pleasing.


The unique design of the Bracli pearl thong unites two attractive and tempting elements: jewelry and lingerie. Thus, two exclusive worlds are combined, luxury and intimacy, giving rise to a perfect formula for seduction. But Bracli goes a step further and also adds a new and magical element to the formula: imagination. This is why the pearl thong provokes fantasies in us, makes us imagine pleasant experiences that are the true stimulating power of this new intimate garment: Bracli invites you to imagine!

The game starts in secret, an intimate secret that can be shared, in which all the participants will participate in the excitement of this pleasant experience. Pleasure has its maximum expression when it is transmitted, when it transcends from one person to another.

This creation provides an exciting element that opens the pleasant expectations to all the activities, daily or not, of the woman. Thus, a walk through the streets, a day of shopping, a chat with friends, a trip, driving, climbing stairs, a romantic dinner, your daily work... Everything is different if it is done wearing a Bracli pearl thong in your privacy.


Over time, Bracli evolves as a lingerie brand by adding new products and designs. It no longer only offers the pearl thong but also bras, bodies, babydolls and accessories appear in its catalogue, giving rise to different collections made with various materials of the highest quality: Calais lace, embroidery, silk, transparent tulle... But Bracli It does not stop there and presents new forms of stimulation, offering different types of necklaces for different pleasurable purposes: from shared stimulation as a couple to the search for the female G-spot. Bracli always aspires to explore pleasure in every way.

Bracli products are made by hand in workshops located in Spain where all the small details are taken care of: from the design and the meticulous selection of materials (all from European factories) to the preparation and packaging. The pearls are manufactured following the world-renowned artisan method created in the municipality of Manacor, Balearic Islands. Everything is designed so that people who receive a Bracli garment enjoy a pleasant experience. Thus, each of the products is presented with careful packaging so that every detail shows that we have before us a "gift" an object whose purpose, first and last, is to PLEASE. If there is a good definition for the word “gift”, Bracli fulfills it in all its meanings: it is the gift that they will give you, the one that you will give and the one that you will give to yourself.


The writers of the series “ Sex and the City ” saw this potential for an “exclusive gift” in Bracli when they chose him to be the surprise that a millionaire gives Samantha in his private jet with an obvious intention: he would be part of that gift, she would share with her lover that pleasant experience that had already begun when she discovered that pearls are used for something more than to be admired...

Thanks to its appearance in this famous series, the Bracli pearl thong managed to make itself known throughout the world, appearing years later in another prestigious international series, Grey's Anatomy, being on this occasion the gift chosen for a bride at her bachelorette party. Once again, a pearl thong would become the perfect gift for a special occasion.

Bracli is already the brand that not only represents the first of the pearl thong, but is also the name that intimate fashion associates with the original design that unites lingerie and jewelry. Pearls are the distinctive element of this brand, we have discovered the subtlety of their use and we always propose the satisfactory illusion with their designs.

Bracli invites you to let your imagination fly. Do you dare to experience new sensations with the help of our pearls?

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