"La provocación sutil: Los tangas de perlas, explora su mundo"

"The Subtle Provocation: The Pearl Thongs, Explore Their World"

The pearl thong is a unique lingerie item, invented and patented in 1996, characterized by the use of a row of pearls in the crotch area instead of fabric. Its objective is to achieve the sexual stimulation of the person who wears it thanks to the rubbing of the pearls with the intimate parts. In this way, a new and original product was born within the world of high-end erotic lingerie, uniting two worlds of the luxury sector: lingerie and jewelry.
If you want to know more about pearl thongs, here is more information:

    • Design: The main characteristic of pearl thongs is that they have one or more rows of pearls that extend along the bottom of the thong, replacing the fabric that is normally part of this type of garment.


    • Materials: Pearl thongs are made from a combination of materials. The string of pearls is made up of pearls made in Manacor (Mallorca) joined together by resistant threads while the rest of the thong can be made of lace, embroidered tulle, silk or other fabrics, as well as other types of metallic materials that They help to adapt the garment to the woman's body. The pearls are of high quality and are made by hand from a special opaline glass core that is then immersed in a special enamel that ensures color, luminosity and resistance.
    • Sensations: The row of pearls provides a sensation of additional stimulation in the intimate area, since the pearls gently brush the erogenous zones during movement. This effect increases excitement and pleasure both for the wearer and for their partner, who is a participant in the experience: the game begins in secret, an intimate secret that can be shared, subtly provoking the couple. Is there something more exciting? It should be noted that depending on the type of pearl necklace, the sensations will be different:
      1. If the thong has a single row of pearls, the stimulation will be achieved by the contact and rubbing of the pearls with the most sensitive parts of the woman: clitoris, perineum, labia majora and minora. The friction with the pearls is achieved with the movement or pressure of the legs, for example when walking or climbing stairs.
      2. If the thong has a double row of pearls, the possibility of performing the sexual act (intercourse) is added by penetrating through the two pearl strips with the consequent stimulation of the penis.
      3. If the thong has a row of pearls ending in a pearl ring at one end, there is the possibility of stimulating the female G-spot
  • Varieties: Pearl thongs are available in different styles and designs. From the most minimalist and daring versions to the more discreet and sophisticated high-waisted panties. There is a wide range of possibilities in terms of design, materials and types of stimulation, so you will surely find the most suitable option according to your tastes and needs.
Remember that the choice of a pearl thong is totally personal and depends on the experience you are looking for. If you're interested in trying it out, take your time exploring different styles and designs to find the one that best suits your desires and preferences, always keeping in mind the feeling you crave (shared or solo).
The elements that shape Bracli garments have been selected to offer a quality, distinguished and luxurious product, taking maximum care of the details in its presentation. Thus, the pearls come from one of the factories on the island of Mallorca that gained worldwide fame by achieving an artificial pearl that meets the most demanding standards in terms of finish, realism and resistance. The fabrics are selected from the best factories in the textile sector in France and Italy, using Calais lace in various collections that always finish off the perfect finish on an intimate garment.
The boxes that contain our garments are the presentation of a GIFT that is already evident with the first sight of this packaging: the container announces the content. The packaging is taken care of to the maximum so that the experience is pleasant from the beginning.
Each and every one of the Bracli garments has been designed to attract attention both for its utility and for its seductive and elegant styling, daring and provocative of intentions. Do you dare to try your pearl thong?
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